Awards – May 2020

Artist of the month – May: Lokesh Nayak 


My name is Lokesh Nayak persuing BFA from Indira Kala sangeet Vishwavidyalaya khairagarh-491881,india (@nayak2208)

When did art/design/photography become part of your life? / How long have you been making art?
During my school studies art is my hobby then after 12th my interest/my feelings getting stronge towards art.

Do you have a particular artist whose work you admire of?
I inspired by my colleague seniors Bikash chandra senapati.

Do you work from life, from photographs or from imagination?
YES,I take reference from photographs N imagination and elements/topics.

What technique (applicable for art/design/photography) do you use?
All artists have their own sense, techniques, concepts, thoughts for art,my techniques is I start my pencil work from one side and end.

What is the role of the designer/artist in society?
I feel mavalous when people say that "this work is not a work ,it is a print" after looking my works.

Who or what inspires you?
I mostly works on farmer's life and food elements.

What I can say and what I take as advice for myself is?
One thing I say, never be vanity of yourself.