Awards – Jily 2020

Artist of the month – Jily 2020

Emily Shih! 🏅 @cat2791

My name is Emily Shih. I am an self-taught artist who lives in Taiwan. I work primarily in
acrylic and watercolor. My artwork has been shown in exhibitions in Taiwan, New York, South
Korea, South America, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East.

When did art become part of your life? / How long have you been making art?
I fell in love with creating art at an early age and has never stopped in the pursuit of this passion.
I started to paint in 2009 and I have been painting for 11 years.

Do you have a particular artist whose work you admire of?
Paul Cezanne's artistic concept has a great influence on my work.
He pays great attention to the volume of the objects and the depth of the images. For this reason,
he gave up the linear perspective method. This volume is not expressed by lines, but by the
color blocks freely combined by the author. I personally admire Cezanne's works and his art
practice and persistence in art.

Do you work from life, from photographs or from imagination?
Most of my works are depicting natural landscapes, such as sunsets, mountains and rivers,
reflections of water, places I have travelled and places I want to go. In addition, I like the
themes of positivity, optimism and joy. I want people to look at my artworks and feel the same
thing that I do - peace, happiness, joy and always believing in something good.

What technique (applicable for art) do you use?
I use the color block composition to paint because I feel that using this method can make the
image present a good 3D effect, and the flat color block has more tension than the traditional
realistic painting. Such color blocks are like a large piece of rough-cut colored paper, layer by
layer to create depth of field and 3D effect. This silhouette style is very attractive to me and can
give people more reverie and fun. I think flat coating without shadows can bring a sense of
volume, and bright colors have a decorative effect.
Before I paint, I use image processing software to segment the image, and then I arrange the
geometric shapes and various hue blocks alternatively and simplify the details of the scenery. In
the process of painting, I will adjust the shape and color to make the picture present a
harmonious effect. I would like to show the spatial extensity, rhythm and the impressionism
with the colors, and furthermore I hope to construct new imagery and resonance visually.

What is the role of the artist in society?
In times of uncertainty, art is more than beauty or decoration — it's a tool. Art can heal and
bring us together even when we're apart. I hope my role as an artist is to inspire, connect, and

How do you feel when people interpret your artwork differently?
I think art is subjective, so everyone's feelings and preferences for art vary from person to
person. I hope that people can feel peace, harmony and joy when they look at my paintings, but
if they have different feelings and interpretations, I can accept it, because it may bring me new

How do you feel after you finished or while you are painting?
For me, art is about falling in love with something, it’s about the feelings it conjures up inside
you. Since I started painting, I have been very interested in it, because it can bring me strength,
calm, moving and sense of achievement.

Who or what inspires you?
My artworks are inspired by nature's beauty. I love using rich and vivid color on painting. By
piling up different shapes of hue blocks, I transform the realist world into a bright and splendid
world of my own. This is how I praise nature, and a way of self-expression.

What advice do you have for aspiring artists?
Continuous creation! To give yourself more opportunity to increase the chance of exposure and
try new things. In addition to enriching your own inner, setting a goal for yourself is also very
The path of an artist is not easy and lonely, but it is your choice. Many people give up and quit
in the middle of the road, and many people's dreams are killed in reality before they start. So put
your mind, stick to it, and don't forget the original intention. I think this is the mentality that you
must have as an artist!

What I can say and what I take as advice for myself is Stay true to yourself. 
Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished.