Awards – October 2020

Artist of the month – October 2020 

Arvind Kumar Dubey

Delhi born

Write a little about your character?

I am a freelance artist, straight, like to roam all over the world even on other planet, always looking for something unusual things, love to talk  on any topic, also love poetry. 

When did art become part of your life? 

Through my childhood I like to paint, but continuously since 2006 art become my life partner. 

How long have you been making art?

Since 2006 I am making art.

Do you have a particular artist whose work you admire of?

Yes, I Van Gough, and artist Raqib shaw is my favrouite artist

Can you tell us more about the project you are currently working on?

Where do you do your work?

Yes I am working to create fusion of our Mythological incidents and stories with modern scenario specially our youth and their personal, social, political and ethical issues.

I do all my work at my home.

Do you work from life, from photographs or from imagination?

Yes I do my work through life and imagination.

What technique (applicable for art/design/photography) do you use?

Acrylic on canvas through brush I love to use for my creation.

What is the role of the designer/artist in society?

Artist have very important role in society, its our duty to aware and intertain our generation through our art, there is always something which only artist can see, its our duty to reveal it for general mass and spread the beautiful things of nature which we have saw through our artistic eyes.

What is the place of your work in society? Is there a purpose to your design/artwork?

As other artistic fields art also have there place.

Art is going well, need some more attention form general mass, more art galleries are required to showcase artist's work in all over the city, schools and collages should offer their students to see the work.

Where did you study?

I studied from Delhi college of Art.

Where do you feel design/art is going?

Few percentage of Mass always waiting for something form us to see.

How do you feel when people interpret your design/artwork differently?

When people interpret differently is show some other angle of our artwork which we didn't felt. 

What would you call your style?

Its like a relation, its create a attachement while making artwork, when we finish it, it give us lots of happiness and memories. Sometimes my artwork reflect my personalities.

What advice do you have for aspiring artists?

Always create the stuff which give you something to think possitively and happiness and fun for viewer.

Arvind Kumar Dubey 🏅 @arvindart84