Awards - December 2020

Artli Gallery presents - winner in the category Artist of the Month - December 2020.

🏆Congratulations to Eva Luziany @eva_luziany

Enjoy watching beautiful artwork by an artist!
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Your name, where were you born? Write a little about your character.
I am Eva Luziany, and I am an artist. I was born in Russia, in Orenburg region.
I am clear introvert! My life is art. I like to paint,to sing,to write poems and to read.
When did art/design/photography become part of your life?
Where did you study?
I started to draw in early childhood. My first exhebition was ,when I was in a children daycare.
And since that time I always draw and paint. I also graduate the State Moskow University of Industrial Art,named after Stroganov.
Do you have a particular artist whose work you admire of?
I have many favourite artists, but there are the most favourite from contemporary art : Slava Fokk, Anna Berezovskaya, Jose Louis Cenna, Kseniya Lavrova, Andrey Remnev and Tanita Veranes.
Can you tell us more about the project you are currently working on?
When I make my art, I use all, that is available : nature, real people, photographs, and, of course, my imagination. Sometimes I see my objects in a dream.
Where do you do your work?
I usually work at home, so I can work any time of day or night.
What technique (applicable for art/design/photography) do you use?
I always use for my art acrylic colours, sometimes I also use markers or collage details.
What is the role of the designer/artist in society?
I think, that my art is not by chance. I have possibilities to change the World, and I am trying.
What is the place of your work in society? Is there a purpose to your design/artwork?
I preach ideas of Peace,Love and Creation.
My general character is a Woman. She is a mystical person, Mother,Lover, Creator of New Life...
I enjoy the process of creating something new. I like experiments, I think it helps me to find my own style,my own way in contemporary art.