Art development

Art evolution

The development of art is determined by historical processes, since culture has always been inextricably connected to the evolution of mankind. Art arose as a spiritual and aesthetic need of an evolving personality. The very first sprouts of art appeared during the Paleolithic era to describe the necessity of having a strong spirit to defeat wildlife.
It was the era of art that helped humanity conquer and subdue the animal world, and simultaneously the very first understanding of humanism of mankind was manifested in art. Our ancestors believed that the image magically affects a person. So the new stage has begun: the art practice shows the development of culture. And even nowadays though people do not believe in the magic of wall paintings, no one will deny the positive influence.
Art - creative spirit- talent are granted from above, from Nature, which we still cannot explain.
All Artworks are unique, original and authentic.
And in spite of the disasters capturing the world throughout the history, people always kept creating the beauty in spite of any hardships. Nowadays when people are isolated due to the coronavirus, it causes the greatest dawn of art, as the majority remains staying at Hamilton and being self isolated, people discover the traction to create the beautiful things in their souls and to share them with the world around.

Once a person has satisfied his basic needs, the first thing he will think about is how to decorate his life.
Contemporary art - the art to reflect what is happening now- is in demand of our society.
It is our time that art finally manifests itself expressively, innovatively, non-traditionally, in order to transform consciousness at another level- exciting, complex and sophisticated art is necessary. Intricate, strange art in which everyone sees his own feelings and impressions. And the less easily an artwork is understood, the more it provokes the anticipation of a connoisseur or a buyer - the more valuable it is. The original and not ordinary paintings that have great artistic value - these are the paintings which transform the soul, change the perception of the environment.
In order to embody the idea of transforming the traditions, to change the attitude towards values, the artist needs to experience this himself in his life and art practices and realize that he or she is the only person who can convey his or her idea to art lovers like no one else does, without imposing any rules or diagnoses.
Philosophical study of contemporary art by a contemporary artist nowadays has acquired incredible scopes.
Setting up the discussions with audience through art forums, art festivals, art exhibitions and diversity of art projects just confirm this theory.

Such public interest inspires and assures the appearance of new talents, experiments on artistic expression and exploration of new materials for creating new paintings.
As we can observe, the time has come for conceptual and abstract art.
Nowadays, the artist moves away from reality, and tries to convey his inner vision of reality, his feelings and experiences, pointlessness or the lack of traditional objects- become the new rules of abstraction art which calls into the world of ideas removing a person as a subject and uniting the artist and his audience with the space. Abstract art literally removes the borders, distances and any separation - it turns on the feelings to embody the space and time in two or three dimensions.
20 and 21st centuries have set up the most important trends and advantage of contemporary art- it’s not anymore only the privilege of having an academic background to produce fascinating canvases, but the focus on expressiveness, artist’s freedom to release himself or herself, to speak with his or her inner voice, to give the authentic inner vision, to share the inner world and inner peace, full with individual contradictions.
Only artistic process itself matters and the result of it immediately prove the fact that these paintings resonate with the souls of contemporary audience.