Exhibition March 2020

Art Exhibition "Open world"

Our first Open art exhibition began in March 2020. Artli Gallery received entries from many countries around received works: USA, Germany, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Estonia, Singapore, Egypt, Israel, Finland and other countries. The open topic in this competition included various types, styles and environments (oil, canvas, acrylic, photography, mixed media, collage, graphite, digital painting, watercolor, stone, cotton, metal printing, alcohol ink, resin, sculpture, etc.) The following evaluation criteria were used to evaluate artwork: exclusivity, creativity, quality, ingenuity and authenticity. Follow the news, the exhibition will be replenished! Enjoy the exhibition of artists!
Artist of the month – March
First I would like to introduce myself, my name is Janini Gertz, I am 29 years old and I am Brazilian, I live in the south of the country, a small town called Ubiretama.  I am very happy and flattered by this interview, it is a lovely surprise to be recognized in some way for something that is so new and recent to me, the world of colors, paints and brush!  Thank you wholeheartedly for this moment!
Please, you can read the interview here: https://www.artligallery.com/2020/04/awards-1_8.html
Audience prize
Irina Goldakova (@irinagoldakova) is a kind of person who sees the beauty around by her heart, she feels intuitively and understands the perfection of the Nature in details. She has fallen in love with bas-reliefs after a number of attempts to repeat the fleeting beauty and perfection of flowers and plants in watercolor botanical painting. The first master class of botanical bas-relief, on the one hand, hid this thirst, but on the other hand - grew into a long search of her direction and honing of the skills. Creating a bas-relief for me is like meditation: the process fascinates and immerses, displacing everything superfluous, leaves you alone with the unique beauty of plants, with desire to capture this fragile, fickle, innocent and pure perfection of Nature. It is paradoxically, that from different by structure and purpose materials, something  being created very strong, static and at the same time very dynamic and fragile, a legacy of beauty of the transient Nature of time. By exploring and experimenting, I want to capture in bas-relief the incredible unity of simplicity and magnificence of the living Nature around us. 
Instagram winner Ruhkia, 18 years old. (@ruhkiart)I’ve always been someone who likes to pay close attention to the seemingly small things. As anatural empath, I always “felt” my surroundings.It takes a while to find out what style reflects the message you want to communicate. Oil paintingallowed me to slowly and patiently work on each section of my artwork. The long drying period gives me time to truly explore the different shades and patterns that can be built up to convey theemotions that I’m feeling so intensely.When I pick up a brush, I am reminded of why I first starting painting- to explore. In my artwork youwill see an exploration into my Afro-Caribbean culture and also the elegance of nature. The use ofAfrican wax print fabric (that I sneakily take from my mother's sewing materials) is a subtle way of intertwining my heritage and art. The unique designs and vibrant colours represent uniqueness and inner strength- attributes I see in my community.I don’t think I’ll ever be finished improving my skills but the journey is incredible. Painting tropicalplants has opened my eyes to the complexity and delicacy of the nature around us. Likewise,carefully studying the textures and tones of human skin is equally as fruitful. I paint both humansand nature in a single piece to represent the harmony that can be brought about when humanssimply respect the nature quietly residing beside us.