Exhibition April 2020

Open art exhibition Artist of the month – April 2020. Artli Gallery received entries from many countries around received works: USA, Germany, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Estonia, Singapore, Egypt, Israel, Finland and other countries. The open topic in this competition included various types, styles and environments (oil, canvas, acrylic, photography, mixed media, collage, graphite, digital painting, watercolor, stone, cotton, metal printing, alcohol ink, resin, sculpture, etc.) The following evaluation criteria were used to evaluate artwork: exclusivity, creativity, quality, ingenuity and authenticity. Follow the news, the exhibition will be replenished! Enjoy the exhibition of artists!

Audience prize: Andriani Nikolaou (@im.not.here.e)
My artistic research project as a whole revolves around my personal findings and encounters concerning the bizarre perception and depiction of nudity not only in Art but also in our lives in general.
Through this research, I noticed that the study not only presented me with possibilities of self-improvement and maturity, but also it gave me the opportunity to examine the vast impact of art on humans and the world around us even in the 21st century.
My goal is to discover the less visible aspects of nudity in the Art domain and how we are able to explore ourselves at the same time. These “nude” inferences that emerged from my research concluded that a big percentage of the public does not fully grasp the purity that the naked body offers us.
One of the main characteristics of my paintings is the removal of the head from the body, as the human head is able to deceive and mislead us because it consists the dominant component that lead us towards establishing one’s identity.
Secondly, I "dismember" and somehow enlarge and enclose some parts of the body in boxes, In order to emphasize the oppression that exists around this delicate subject.
Lastly, I create a three-dimensional touch that is capable of misleading the viewer who is no longer able to comprehend the conventional way of the human body’s naked form.

Instagram winner: Aslı Canpolat (@aslicanpolatt)
Drawing and coloring has been a passion for me all my life. But I started my professional artworks with my university education. I completed my undergraduate and master education in Traditional Turkish Arts Department. I started to participate in art exhibitions meanwhile.
During my career, I worked as an art teacher in different institutions such as municipalities and vocational schools. But making art, exhibiting and combining them with a project have always been placed on the top for me. I have been participating in group and solo exhibitions since 2005, with my hundreds of works that I used many different techniques.
My paintings have been took part in haute couture kimono patterns, coloring book and card deck projects until today. Currently, I publish the very short stories I wrote for my own paintings as a serial digital book. In addition, another story book, whose illustrations are mine, is planned to be published next year. All the paintings and drawings I have made, reflect some moments in life. So my illustrations
become a narrator of these moments.
I currently live in Istanbul. But I try to convey my art to more people through digital and international platforms. Because my goal is to give my art a universal identity and tell my stories to as many people as possible. I wish to share this passion with you as long as I have a pen and paper. Because I have
millions of stories I want to tell more. 
Artist of the month – Apil : Dmitry Sokolov (@mastersokol)
More information:https://www.artligallery.com/2020/06/blog-post.html
                                                 Enjoy the exhibition of artists!