Awards - February 2021


Artli Gallery presents - winner in the category Artist of the Month - February  2021

🏆 Congratulations to Eva Lubimaya 🏅 @eva_strazova_travel

Enjoy watching beautiful artwork by an artist! Stay with us Artli Gallery! 💻 @thearligallery

Write a little about you. Yeva Klok. Odessa Ukraine.

When did art/design/photography become part of your life? 9 y.o

Where do you do your work? in my home

Do you work from life, from photographs or from imagination? I do photographs of street life.

What technique (applicable for art/design/photography) do you use? Photographs.

What is the role of the designer/artist in society? Think life is so hard, let`s do it little better, bring happiness.

What is the place of your work in society? I think women love it .

Where did you study? I graduated from the University of art, having finished the theater college and professional tailors college.

What would you call your style? Happy style.

What's the best thing about being a artist? Feel freedom.

What's the worst thing about being a artist? Always feel responsibility from what you bring for people.

How do you feel when people interpret your design/artwork differently? I want to surprise them by littles details of nature.

How do you feel after you finished or while you are designing/painting? How many things I want to do more.

What you draw/paint/design, is it part of your personality?

Who or what inspires you? Positive people.

What advice do you have for aspiring artists? Do not follow.