Exhibition February 2021

Artli Gallery presents - art exhibition artist of the month – February 2021

Artli Gallery received entries from many countries around received works: USA, Germany, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Estonia, Singapore, Egypt, Israel, Finland and other countries. The open topic in this competition included various types, styles and environments (oil, canvas, acrylic, photography, mixed media, collage, graphite, digital painting, watercolor, stone, cotton, metal printing, alcohol ink, resin, sculpture, etc.) The following evaluation criteria were used to evaluate artwork: exclusivity, creativity, quality, ingenuity and authenticity.
Enjoy the exhibition of artists!

Audience prize: Akshi Desai 🏅@sakshi4254 @sakshisamardesai
Instagram winner: Maruja Panti 🏅@arte_maruja
Artist of the month: 🏆Congratulations to Eva Lubimaya 🏅 @eva_strazova_travel


Manuel A J  @manuseruno
Muindi muia @muindimuia
 Sakshi Desai @sakshi4254 @sakshisamardesai
Emin Seyidov @eminseydov_art
Oleksiy Gudzovskyy @gudzovsky
Hannusia @hannusiazlo
Maruja Panti @arte_maruja
Lale Huseynoffa @lalahuseynoffart
Goldengen Art Print @goldengenprint
Emily Shih @cat2791
Dmitriy Socolov @mastersokol
Lara Zhuravska @zhuravska.art
Eva Lubimaya @eva_strazova_travel