Exhibition May 2020

Art exhibition Artist of the month – May 2020.
Open art exhibition Artist of the month – May 2020. Artli Gallery received entries from many countries around received works: USA, Germany, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Estonia, Singapore, Egypt, Israel, Finland and other countries. The open topic in this competition included various types, styles and environments (oil, canvas, acrylic, photography, mixed media, collage, graphite, digital painting, watercolor, stone, cotton, metal printing, alcohol ink, resin, sculpture, etc.) The following evaluation criteria were used to evaluate artwork: exclusivity, creativity, quality, ingenuity and authenticity.
Enjoy the exhibition of artists!

Audience prize: Karolina Marusic (@karma.karoli)
"We cannot embrace as before and are not able to love as we once did. Everything is different. We wonder if it is the collapse of civilization, its rebirth or something else. Nature has exposed human vulnerability.
We are just witnessing the confrontation of a small, nano, virus and civilization, and the world powers have succumbed to it. From that chaotic situation, my cycle of paintings called "Covid 19" emerged, in which all fear and anxiety were transferred. The paintings are expressionist and made with a combined technique".

Instagram winner: Joti Kumari (@joti_kumari.1232)
"My work style really portrays about Life is like taking a long walk through a desert; sometimes you just can’t help but look at the vast emptiness around you and wonder whether it represents the uncertainty of confronting a difficult past or the endless possibilities that may lie in the future".

Artist of the month – May: 
Lokesh Nayak (@nayak2208)  

Adarsh Palandi (@adarshpalandi) 
Rogeş Altınsoy  (@roges_altinsoy) 
Lokesh Nayak (@nayak2208) 
Karolina Marušić (@karma.karoli) 
Mayuri Joshi (@joshimayuri.print) 
Yuliya Solomennaya (@solomennayayuliya)
Afranio Raposo (@art.raposo) 
Tatyana Olifer (@olifer999) 
Adrian Ero (@erocuadros) 
Kris Nataro' (@krisna.design_art) 
Argia Photography (@caranguren) 
Pratik Raut (@pratik.raut1512) 
Joti kumari (@joti_kumari.1232)
Asya Asya (@asy.strk)
Lara Zhuravska (@zhuravska.art)
🇮🇳INDIAN @adarshpalandi
Manuel A J (@manuseruno)
Sarvesh Kulkarni (@_sarvesh_kulkarni_)
Ukrainian designer (@strazova.swimwear)
Chippy (@conceptexposure)
Pablo J. Scuzzarello (@artworkbypablo)
Nini Gertz (@ninigertz)
Effat (@effatpourhasani) 
Diana Asal (@diana_asal_)
Vanzo Alberto (@memo_art91)